Slow To Speak-
(Rich healthiest Faith-Food)
“My dear brothers and sisters,
always be willing to listen
and slow to speak”
                          (James 1:19)

Remember those ole time sayings — “One rail missing off the ole rocker”.  A “dollar short — a day late”.  You pick the ole saying!  The result — get told enough times that “a rotten apple spoils the bushel” — and you believe you are the “spoiling rotten apple”.  You begin believing you are “too late — too little — too damaged.”
You don’t have to speak to encourage.  The Bible says, “It is best to listen much, speak little” (James 1:19).

        1.     Most people tend to speak much — listen little.
2.     Yes!  There is a time to speak.
But there is also a time to be quiet…listen.  

     My Dad was a great listener!  He could hear me by just looking at me — seeing the expressions on my face, in my eyes!  He saw my heart!  He taught me to hear by seeing!

One day, I was running away from home!  When my dad found me, I wasn’t far!  Just on the back of the farm!  He didn’t say a word.  Just pulled over to the side of the fence — leaned across that old truck seat!  Opened the truck door.  We didn’t speak.  We didn’t need to.  We both knew the world had come to an end.  We got home!  I went straight upstairs to my room!

Daddy went straight to the kitchen.  Soon he appeared in front of me!  Toast, jelly and juice.  He never spoke!  He took a seat on the bed!  We broke bread together.  There in the juice, the toast and jelly I was confirmed again!  My life — my Daddy’s rich love would go on.

In the scheme of female youth, you admire other girls who are smart, pretty, talented, confident.  My idea of self wasn’t improved that day!  My confidence, my love in Daddy’s love soared.  Daddy never said a word.  But he showed up.  He listened with his heart, his eyes.

That’s just what your Father God does.  His Presence may be quiet sometime, slow to speak — but He always shows up — stays with you!  Father God sees your heart — hears you before you speak — listens (Psalms 139)!

In Jesus’ Name,

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