Sow Your Seed - Reap Your Harvest


Hearing – Thinking – Talking – Action Word

Sowing & Reaping

Every new day – start new.  First before your precious feet touch the floor from bed  out loud – Praise God – speak Father God’s Word promises thanking Him.

Speak Praises over your life – over the lives of your loved ones. God has far beyond outstanding plans for you far beyond your dreams. He expects you to live Alive – to increase JESUS through you.

Father expects you to joyful generous give your greatest talents – emotionally mentally – spiritually – financially – socially HE has given you.

Today, every new day is your amazing new day for Royal Grand CHAMPION Winner Victory Living

All ROSE Ministries / CLEAR Vision Television with ROSE Love books – CD’s – DVD’s – Ministry Teachings are freely provided for all

Sow your joyful generous Seeds First to The LORD (your Storehouse) where you are fed – TO INCREASE JESUS then Sow into His Richest Ministry Grounds of Love with us here

Watch your Harvest multiply you Sow & Reap far beyond your dreams