Conductor of Life
“Because I First loved you, you love Me”
                                                                                         (1 John 4:19)

God is First!  Done!  God First is Love, Life!  He says — “Faith without works is dead (of no use)”.  God is saying here your faith, your works outside His Wild Faith, His Works are dead!  When your faith, your works go without God, you mean well — but you’re not very right to say, “I will do it”.   God’s Wild Faith in you works His Works, through you!  Wild Love Jesus works His Works!

When God heard the Israelites in the desert say — “We will do this” — He said — “Don’t come near Me”!  Peoples self- righteousness said they were faithful not depending on God’s Faith, His Works.  People try to take on their own abilities!  A fearful, stubborn child stomps saying, “I can do this on my own.”  Obvious they can’t!

    1.  Sins strong-hold is the law of self!  Temptation comes strong when you think you can do anything by yourself!

2.  Wrong hearing breeds wrong thinking!  Births wrong talking!  Grows wrong doing!  Explodes into wrong living

3.  Transformation is — God richly alive inside you!  He comes through your Wise Mind of Christ!  HE conforms, transforms your flesh new by His Word, through His Holy Spirit fused into your spirit (Romans 12)  

God’s Holy Spirit informs!  Transforms!  Conforms!  Develops your spirit!  Never as your flesh strives!  Self-thinking talk is the lust of the flesh — a “Fear-Pride” prison.  Selfish, self-talk says — “I love you – but, but, but”!  Your love of the Father — not the same as Love in Him, from Him, through you.  God says —“Because I First loved you, you love Me”.

God knows you love Him!  He wants you to know you love Him — because He First loved you!  Say out loud, “My only security is in my Father God’s First Wild Love-Grace-Forgiveness-Joy!”  “Jesus in me, keeps out all fears!”  God is smiling!

Father God’s Beloved sheep stray, stager from not knowing Jesus Wild Love teaching, discipline ways!  Jesus came smiling to love you, teach you, lead you (John 10:10)!  Never beat you.  God gave you every right to have Jesus, His Wild Love, His Power to live right with Him!  Galatians says — “The Fruit of the Spirit , not the works of flesh — result in life!”  Done!

You are forever approved by God! Today, see you the Sweet Love way God sees you! He sees His Spirit fused into your spirit, alive in His Love! Say out loud — “God smiles at me, in me, through me! He is happy, pleased with me!” See God as “First” —  see He soars you from His Glory to Glory!  Keep resting!  Keep watching!  He works His Works!  He’s First!

ORDER 3 books today — Stop Talkin’ Crazy / God’s Royal Trust / God’s Royal Confidence!  Be refreshed! “See” Gods Love-Grace!  See JESUS IS WILD LOVE richly alive working through your spirit.  Jesus we teach!  Him we preach!

In Jesus’ Name,

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