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ROSE is Senior Minister, of ROSE Ministries / CLEAR Vision Television — a powerful, new, exciting generation.

ROSE, in 1991, with her husband David, encouraged by Mother Teresa — founded MERCY HOUSE, Kentucky.  ROSE’s many publications, recording, broadcasting projects, many ministry outreaches daily minister to hundreds of millions around the world.

ROSE is a giver of Almighty Good GOD’s Love!  She freely gives JESUS to all lost and hurting.  She is a giver of JESUS — to all people in all places – homes, churches, ministries, prisons, jails, homeless, hospitals, military – all nations — all peoples.

In high demand – ROSE, as a concert pianist, speaker, minister — is called by many — “The world’s giving voice of Love, Joy, Compassion, Humor, Healing!”  ROSE — richly loved, recognized in the world — as a real, influential Christian in ministry — for her real love and joy of Almighty Good GOD and dear people.

GOD’s Words of Love, Power, His Healing Truth – “A cheerful heart is good healing like a medicine”  blazes on with ROSE as she hosts her CLEAR VISION Television broadcast reaching millions around the world.  Hundreds of millions of people in hundreds of nations worldwide are inspired through ROSE’s daily, weekly CLEAR VISION Television broadcasts.

ROSE is Senior Minister of the world’s boldest, Loving, Healing, giving ministry!  – ROSE Ministries/ CLEAR VISION Television — World Headquarters in Kentucky.  ROSE is watched nationally — internationally on CLEAR VISION Television.

Joyfully — ROSE touches massive audiences across the United States — across the globe with her uplifting, down to earth — life changing daily, monthly internet e-mail teachings of God’s Word,  CD’s, DVD’s, many inspiring ministry book publications — weekly top podcasts — all available to all.

ROSE — is the powerful voice of a new generation in the Body of CHRIST!  GOD’s Loving World-wide Pastor, Evangelist, teacher, humorist, encourager — speaks, gives God’s Love JESUS.

ROSE helps mature Christians — those looking for Jesus – those hurting, looking to be closer with God — those everywhere — to know LORD God’s practical, rich Bible life of Love, Faith – Grace, Favor, Joy, Forgiveness — Victory now, eternally — with Almighty Good GOD!  Yes!

Almighty God expects all are His Beloved, Royal CHAMPION Holy women, men, children — ALL peoples in ALL places — to ALL simply enjoy having Him, having His Heart — living their lives powerfully with HIS SPIRIT Himself fused alive inside their spirit.