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Your Love Letter From Rose – A Donkey Gave

Today’s Scripture

“If anyone asks you why you are taking the donkeys,
say the Master needs them, and he will send them at once”

(Matthew 21:3)

A Donkey Gave

Dear One,

A powerful, powerful Word of God.  I am sure the one donkey seemed like most donkeys!  Did all the donkeys have names?  What I know is this one precious donkey gave himself for Jesus to ride on Sunday into Jerusalem!  And the man owning the donkeys gave!   If you think donkeys just willingly let anyone ride them — think again!  Did the donkey owner think  — “Almighty God Himself is going to ride my donkey?” God does what you never dare dream, think, or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Just imagine one Saturday afternoon you take some ones cars because your Jesus needs them Sunday?  God became a man, trusting you would know Him.  Jesus became a bloody mess sacrifice, trusting you would live in Him — trusting God would live in you.  Jesus defeated death trusting you would follow after Him into eternity — never dying — you living forever with Almighty God.  This strips all the gears right out of your natural mind thinking.  This is crazy insane insanity.

Holy actions are far beyond natural possibility.  Only Almighty God, Creator of the Universes — far far far beyond natural sense makes the very impossible — all possible.

Sometimes I read God’s Word — thinking how He sounds!  Wild — crazy — extravagant — impossible — stronger than strong — absolute madness — Divine!  Then I remember!  Only God Almighty can create such outrageous plans. Only Almighty God — could think far far beyond the borders of sane thinking!  He offered Jesus — His only Son — crucified — to be the first-born from the dead as His Greatest Gift of love to me, to you — to all mankind.  God always does what no one can ever do.

This entire Earth created in 7 days by God’s spoken Words — Moses parting seas — rivers turning to blood — bush on fire not burning — 100 yr old Abraham, Sarah having babies — 3 men in a hot firey furnace dancing around inside with God so hot no one could go near — David downed giant Goliath, one sling shot smooth stone — Joseph king after brothers selling him to slavery — Jehosaphat marches singing praises to God defeating an army — Noah builds ark, God floods entire earth, ark with Noah, and two of every living animal creation on this earth — sails!

GOD HIMSELF becomes a physical man through JESUS His Son — Eternal forgiveness, eternity — The Written Truth — a 14 year old girl births the only One, Son of God — the manger of Jesus’ birth — stars guiding — shepherds kneeling — Jesus turns water to wine — lepers cleansed, blind seeing — fish jumping into Peters rotten net — dead Lazurus alive walking out of a tomb, no smell — 15,000 fed with boys 2 fish 2 loaves bread lunch, plenty left over — Jesus, Peter walking on water — Jews return to Israel winning a war in 6 days with no army! All with God!  Everyone giving to God!  Everyone — worshiping Living God Who lives in you!

Today do what man never dares dream, think, or imagine!  Do you lay your healing hands as the Hands of Jesus on the sick — casting out demons (Psalms 1:3)?  All of us — you — have a donkey. Increase Jesus mightily on God’s planned road!  Give — God does not want one lost from Him.  Maybe you speak or write?  Maybe you play piano?  Maybe you cook?  Maybe you know computers?

Maybe you write an outrageous check?  However you sow your money seed — take your stone and sling using it for the victory of God!  Whatever your donkey is — that is your donkey.  Joyfully give!  The donkey owner who joyfully gave Jesus all his donkeys is just one in a long line of who gave little things to Big God.

Blessings Flowing
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First!  God’s extravagant Love-Faith comes!  First — before your precious feet touch the floor from bed, set your day!  First — speak out His Joy, His extravagant Love-Grace!  Your focus sets on LORD God Almighty, on Jesus richest, miraculous Love!  First today Jesus — LISTEN – HEAR —

Listen – Hear
(First thing daily confession for one week)

     Father — “I will listen to what You O God The LORD say …” (Psalms 85:8).  LORD, so many people say they can’t hear You.  They think, they say You don’t talk!  They say You don’t talk to them.  LORD — it is never that You O God aren’t speaking!  You love to talk all the time!  It is never that You aren’t richly loving, giving clear direction.

I praise You LORD — You touch people who are not always giving You attention — listening — hearing You.

Father God — thank You for teaching me that hearing Your Voice is one of the most important voices anyone ever learns.  I know the more I listen, giving attention to You — the more the inner promptings — hearing — impressions, power of Your Holy Spirit pours over me!  I expect to know You more LORD!  I expect to see You — see Your goodness — see Your protection — see Your provisions — see Your richest Love — see You over every area of my life. I am listening — hearing!

How different daily life is when  every morning I wake up first praising You saying — “Thank You Father God You reveal Yourself greater to me today than ever before!”   “Thank You for keeping open my spiritual eyes, ears!  Thank You for renewing all my natural mind thinking — keeping open all my senses to Your rich, powerful loving Voice.  Father, You are so clear!”

Father God — You gave me Your Wisdom — Your Wise Mind of Christ!  You give me clear direction, complete protection — bold guidance!  I have You as my Good Holy Father — my richest Love beyond dreams!  I truly am Your Beloved Royal Holy CHAMPION child!  Yes!  You made me Your Beloved  — Your CHAMPION Way — marvelous, victorious (Psalms 139)!

Every heartache that tries coming to drag me out, around, down — runs fast away — as I keep resting in You, hearing You.

LORD, You give me Your richest Love, opportunities — breaks — favors instantly putting me years ahead with one Word from You!  I expect to hear You greater — better — being still!  Listening — hearing I fully experience Your Mighty Hand of blessing!  Every blessed step You take me in every area of life is far far beyond all I could dare pray, ask, hope, think, dream, or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)!

Father, thank You!  Yes!  You constantly speak to my heart.  Thank You for helping me listen — hear You better.  My super-natural spiritual ears stay open — eager — sensitive to Your Good Voice.  Thank You God — I listen!  I hear Your Love saying today — all day, every day to me — “Beloved, you thrive in Me, you live in My Most Blessed life” — In Jesus’ Name.  Amen



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Notes On Champion Living – DONE TO YOU

“According to your faith be it done to you” 
                                                                      (Matthew 9:29)

     God expects to Bless you!  Now you expect to Bless Him!  — Expect Him to Bless you!  Your children expect you as their Parent — to have food, water — for them — a table to eat at — a bed in their room — clothes — simple life provisions!

Father God has provided all this and far far more for you — than all your children could ever expect of you!

Father God has already given you every thing you could ever need to be successful – be blessed — be secure in life for ALL eternity —  He has given you ALL — His very own Self — His only Son Jesus —

Remember Jesus said — “… all things are possible to those who believe”!  Today, every breath — you can believe (agree, expect, require, act) in Almighty Father God’s Great Faith Goodness!  

Today — every breath — you can take big giant steps
in God’s Great Faith Spirit fused Alive in your spirit —
HE has already provided for you ALL HIS Life of LOVE of Great Blessings —
forever — DONE!

Your faith — IS His Great Faith!  Bless Him today with me out loud —

“Almighty Father God — BLESS YOU — Your Great Hand of Blessings are
all over my life today.  My heart stays open with You!
I have Your Heart O God alive inside my spirit!
I trust Your Great Good Plan for me.
You LORD gave me Your Heart filled with Your Great Love!
Your Great Faith is always doing all for me.
Your Great Favor — Your Great Grace —
Your Great Joy is mine to rest in You in Your Great Peace —
In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


“According to your faith be it done to you” 
                                                                      (Matthew 9:29)


In Jesus’ Name,

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     The following are praise letters and testimonies we receive from Partners and readers like you.  We share them to encourage and uplift you in your daily walk of CHAMPION Living. Their letters have been edited for clarity.  Please contact us as you are blessed by this ministry!

“This is the LORD’s doing;
It is Marvelous in our eyes”
(Psalm 118:23)

Good Stuff

Thank you ROSE — AND thank you LORD God for ROSE Ministries staff ministering Your un-limited love and Word!  I love reading all your good stuff.  You are all awesome and such blessings of God — I know every seed I sow to the LORD there with you is going into the richest ground — bringing the richest harvest — thank you all — ILLINOIS

Cynics Versus Believers – LOOK What the Lord is Doing

Dear ROSE Ministries — I must share God’s glory.  It has been said — “Cynics always say no.  Saying yes begins things.  Saying yes is how things grow, then develop.  For as long as you have His strength to say yes — God has the greatest strength to keep you strong!”  I am so grateful you are all saying “YES” to God’s leading you in the great development of your ministry for His end times Kingdom HEART work — His Kingdom Building time.  I will be increasing my seeds of money sowing to help bring every dream God is giving you to pass.  Praise God, praise God — you are all willing to listen to Him and let Him give you His dreams.  Build and I am coming — Look what the LORD is doing — Praise His Holy Name — MINNESOTA 
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Your Love Letter From Rose – Rid Out all Bitterness – Anger – Slander – Malice

Today’s Scripture

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling
and slander, along with every form of malice”

(Ephesians 4:31)


Rid Out all Bitterness –
Anger – Slander – Malice 

Dear One,

The force of bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander — is extremely destructive.  When you choose not to forgive someone — bitterness has steeped into your heart depths.  Harboring un-forgiveness closes Almighty God’s power door — keeps His Almighty power from working in your life.

The Bible says when we make a choice not to forgive others or ourselves —  God cannot even hear our prayers. Thank God today with me He has empowered you — enabled you — to forgive — to release bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander, every form of malice!

Yes Beloved!  You can make the high choice to rid out all bitterness so you can live in God’s Freedom He gave you!  Unfair situations may have surrounded years of your life since childhood — but God still has the final say.

God always has the final say!  He is your LORD God Almighty of justice. God sees — He knows every wrong that’s ever been done to you!  He knows of every wrong you have done to yourself.

He sees every unfair, slanderous situation.  As you stay in Love, Great Faith — God brings justice — recovery into your life.

Your attitude today must be — “Unfairly — I was done wrong!  Still, I rid out bitterness, rage, anger, slander, all malice!  I know my time of blessing is coming.”

In Jesus’ Name,
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Your Love Letter From Rose – Nothing Can Hurt You

Today’s Scripture

“Behold, I have given you ALL Authority to tread upon
serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy;
and nothing shall by any means hurt you”

(Luke 10:19)

Nothing Can Hurt You

Dear One,

Behold — look — pay attention — God has given you ALL His Divine Authority.  ALL His Authority is His delegated power.  The value of His power relies on the force behind the user.

Jesus said — “I have given you ALL Authority.”  Who gave you Authority?  Jesus did.  Who is Jesus?  Jesus is Almighty God Himself manifested in the flesh! That means God said — “I have given you All Authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.”

(Serpents and scorpions represent demons and evil spirits and the power of the enemy.)  Almighty God Himself is The Power — The Force — behind His Authority.

You — a Believer who is fully conscious of God’s Divine Authority — can face the enemies attacks without fear or any hesitation. Remember behind God’s Authority possessed by you, a Believer, is a Power far greater than any power that backs your enemies.

Enemies are forced — compelled to recognize God’s Divine Authority!  Easily John says — “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). 

In Jesus’ Name,
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Your Love Letter From Rose – His Word Healed You

Today’s Scripture

“He sent His Word, and healed them,
and delivered them from their destructions”

       (Psalms 107:20)

His Word Healed You

Dear One,

Beloved, you are not the sick trying to get well.  You are the well, trying to be made sick!  His Word healed you already!  You are not the poor trying to get rich.  You are the rich trying to be made poor! You are not the suffering trying to stop suffering.  You are His Most Blessed trying to be made to suffer!

Dr. Lillian Yeomans, a medical doctor, with her sister — both doctors — had a beautiful two-story mansion home in California — which they turned into a “faith home”.

They took patients into their home to get them healed by God’s Divine Power, not by medicine. Dr. Yeomans traveled teaching a great amount.  She and her sister could only handle four patients at a time.

Her sister, Dr. Amy Yeomans, was the one who took care of the patients. What did they do to help people receive healing? They simply taught them from the Word of God — they are healed.

It was not the Holy Spirit initiating anything, such as a Gift of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:9-11).  People were healed by initiating their own healing on the basis of their faith in God — faith in His Word. They received their healing by faith (believing, agreeing with God).

Back in Dr. Yeomans’ time — tuberculosis disease was a certain death — a number-two killer in America.  Every tuberculosis patient was a terminal case. At Dr. Yeomans, as soon as a patient was healed, the next applicant — if he or she had not already died — was called to come as a “patient”!

One particular woman brought in with tuberculosis was carried to an upstairs bedroom. Dr. Yeomans sat down by her bedside saying — “Just fold your hands — close your eyes — lie there. Relax — listen.”  Then she read healing Scriptures out loud to her from the Bible saying God sent His Word healing her!

Write, call, email — request your Healing Scriptures book — “YES SIR — It is Done Sealed and Healed”.  There are 40 pages of teaching on healing — 40 pages of Scriptures of God’s Healing Words for you to freely speak out loud over yourself  — with someone — or over someone.

Beloved — right now, fold you hands — close your eyes — lie down or sit comfortably!  Rest, relax — listen — God sent His Love, sent His Word — He forever healed you!  You were forever healed!  You were forever delivered from every destruction — according to Isaiah 53:4-5;  Psalms 107:20;  Matthew 8:17;  1 Peter 2:24!

Yes Beloved — God’s Word (Himself) forever healed YOU!

Blessings Flowing
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First!  God’s extravagant Love-Faith comes!  First — before your precious feet touch the floor from bed, set your day!  First — speak out His Joy, His Love-Grace!  Your focus sets on LORD God Almighty, on Jesus richest, miraculous Love!  Yes, Father God says — today is HEAR TIME —

Hear Time
(First thing daily confession for one week)

     Father God — Hear Time has come!  Thank You I hear You saying — “And the LORD utters His Voice before His army, for His host is very great, and [they are] strong and powerful who execute [God’s] Word …” (Joel 2:11).  Yes!  Father God You teach me to hear Your Voice — be strong — to powerfully execute Your Word!

Day by day — hearing You is simple!  Simply hearing You — over a purchase not needed. Yes!  No big thing!  I just set that purchase aside as I walk away.  At work — at the office — in ministry, with family — unrest of a certain sweet-bitter person is obvious.  I just lovingly step aside — guarding my resting Love in You.

At home LORD — a prompting fills me to spend more time with a loved one, a child.  Easy!  Done!  At night I hear You instruct — “Go to bed!  Turn off the TV — turn off the day.  Your body needs sleep, rest.  I AM speaking to your spirit through the night!”  Easy!  Done.  I hear You Father God prompting me — “Take attention to all the simple ways My power of My Holy Spirit guides you!”

Hearing You!  Acknowledging You is easy!  Hearing Your impressions — hearing Your promptings come easier and easier.  You LORD God speak to me in a Still, Small Voice.  Yes!  Or, You can flash out like lightening giving me Your attention.  Either way — however You do —  subtle — bold — gentle or strong — I am so thankful to hear You Father God!

LORD, we are so close as I hear You whisper Your Love to me.  You have me tuned in.  It is glorious — to hear You in the busyness of the day — as I run here, there — bounce to sit.  Thank You for teaching me to stop, step aside  — ask myself — “What am I hearing?  What am I sensing?  What perfect Words of Your magnificent Love-Grace am I grasping?”

LORD — Thank You for teaching me to stay quiet, calm, resting — to listen — have “Hear Time” with You.  Father God — thank You for teaching me to hear only Your Voice.  Right now I remain still — leaning only on You.  You always make Your loving, clear Voice very clear to my heart — my spirit — my Wise Mind of Christ.

Thank You Father God for leading me — guiding me — always ordering my every loving, precious, bold step!

Yes, I hear! I am strong, powerful to execute Your Love, Your Word!  Yes Father God — Hear Time is now —



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