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TESTIMONY – A Very Blessed Life

     The following are praise letters and testimonies we receive from Partners and readers like you.  We share them to encourage and uplift you in your daily walk of CHAMPION Living. Their letters have been edited for clarity.  Please contact us as you are blessed by this ministry!

“This is the LORD’s doing;
It is Marvelous in our eyes”

(Psalm 118:23)

A Very Blessed Life

     Hello to you, Rose and Rose Ministries. Thank you for a very blessed Life.  It’s been almost 4 months — since I wrote to you. First, thank you for calling Tom one evening months ago. He was so happy to talk and pray with you. Your talk together very much lifted his spirit. The cancer disease had to have emergency heart surgery. Tom wanted forever healing — to go home with Father God, which he did. I will forever be thankful to you and The Lord for leading Tom to Him! I know without a doubt he is happy in Jesus in His Salvation for eternity.

God brought me through trusting Him, in very hurtful times after Tom went home with the Lord. I am now rejoicing, going on forward in my life. More than ever, as you have taught me — I can smile as I say out loud, “All things are possible with God Who strengthens me”.

Thank you Rose for your blessed, deep healing ministry. Thank you for your blessed daily email messages of Great Healing Love to me. Thank you for all this beautiful 20 years you praised the Lord for us. I am sowing my richest seed today knowing every blessing seed I sow as first fruits to the Lord with you is a Gift richly increasing Jesus. Let everyone know if they want to be so blessed — sowing to the Lord with you is the way to go — Spain

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Your Love Letter From Rose – YOUR LOVE – GRACE HEART

Today’s Scripture

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me”
(Galatians 2:20)

Your Love – Grace Heart 

Dear One,

What is it you need today that you think you don’t have?  A Love-Grace Heart?  Peace?  Joy?  Health?  Knowledge?  Wisdom?  Money?  A good man or woman?  Children, happy children?  A better marriage — better job, a job?  Debts gone?  A home, car?  A growing, thriving Ministry?  A better church and Pastor?  God says He has already given you All!  “But ROSE, my life is full with fear, lack, sickness, confusion, no joy, alone, worry, doubts, pains, sick sad children, debts, regrets.  I hardly hear God anymore?”

Beloved for 40 years God never missed a day feeding, providing for over 1 million Israelite people — food, clothed, healthy well, daily talking to them!  They never needed for anything!  But they grumbled — “We can’t do this, we don’t have, we’re going to die out here, there are giants over there. we are as grasshoppers in their eyes!  This isn’t how I thought things would be?”  Go ahead and say it — “They needed a spiritual heart implant, transplant!” They forgot God didn’t need their approval — He expected their love.

Love-Grace! Lenders gladly give grace periods to pay accounts.  This Love-Grace word is used as girl names — church names, by royalty, families, prayers over food.  Some people talk like they know what Love-Grace means.  Their Bible pages turn as some look at the vast words.  Like looking at so many cold headstones of a grave yard.  No words move them.  Some think — “I better not dare close this Book?  This is God’s tough orders — I better not miss doing one good order — God will erase my name right off His Book of do-good names?  Oh my Beloved!  What a fearful, tragic, sad, dead-end way to think, to live!

Almighty Father God’s Book is a complete soaking of Himself, His Love-Grace coming for you, completing you — re-strings,
fine-tuned your mind — thinking, talk, actions, like a treasured museum violin.  You go at lightening speed from fearful to free forever in His Great Love.  Love-Grace takes you instantly from self-secure-insecure — to Almighty God forever secure.

The slime of fears, regrets, doubt, condemnation, un-forgiveness slithers away from you — you realize God’s healing forgiveness bathed you, wrapped you in His Love-Grace!  Your new heart joyfully leaves “Fearful might go under, Die-to-soon Street” — to go live His high life at “Eternal Love-Grace Estates”.  Paul knew —“It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).  And this is you!

Your Word of God Bible is Love-Grace, is Almighty God manifesting Himself in the flesh!  God says nothing can separate you from Love-Grace … from Himself Who fused His very Own Self, His Spirit into your spirit when you took Jesus into your heart spirit!  God gave you His Own Heart!  Re-birthed your spirit in His Spirit!  Beloved, Love-Grace is not only what you have!  Love-Grace is Who you have in you — Whose you are in Him!

Jesus said — “As I am, so are you in this world” (1 John 4:17)!  What else do you need — what else do you need to know?  You are God’s Great Love — His Grace Heart!  Hard to imagine?  Imagine anyway (Ephesians 3:20)!

In Jesus’ Name,
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Your Love Letter From Rose – Things Secret

Today’s Scripture

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God …”
                                                                              (Deuteronomy 29:29)

Things Secret  

Dear One,

No matter if you are going through difficult situations in your life that you are having trouble understanding — remember this season passes!  During this season — your mind naturally wants to questions things.  Right now, the important thing is — keep focused on God — trusting God.
You must remember — God wants to bring you from your ways to His higher ways!  Especially when you may not understand what He is trying to do in your life — keep focused on Him.  The Bible clearly tells us that should adversity come — God is the one who promises to always lead you into higher places of victory.
Serving God means He sees to it you will have answers to unanswered questions as you go.  You may have a hard time understanding why a relationship ended in defeat or ended at all.  You may have a hard time understanding the loss of a loved one.
You may think — “ROSE, why did I ever have to go through something so difficult?”  Or, “Why does it seem my prayers just aren’t getting answers?”  Today, I boldly say to you — choose to keep your focus off questions — and choose to keep focused on Father God — going on big and bigger with Him.  Especially when circumstances just aren’t making natural sense — strongly choose to keep trusting Almighty Father God’s higher ways.  Remember, His ways are always high ways — and He always turns every difficulty around and uses it for His glory … for your victory.
God is faithful to His Word — and He is just — and you are guaranteed He fulfills His every Word He’s made to you.  You part — trust and obey (agree) — there is no other way!  Things that are secret are not kept by Almighty God from you — the secret things are kept by God for you!

In Jesus’ Name,
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Your Love Letter From Rose – Know Jesus – Know Yourself


Today’s Scripture

“The Son of Man did not come to be served.
He came to serve others and give
His life as a ransom for many people”

(Matthew 20:28)

Know Jesus – Know Yourself  

Dear One,

As a little girl — I read very little!  I loved to write, draw, play piano, climb trees, skate, play basketball, swim, ride horses bareback!  One day I was required to read two books, one about a “Secret Staircase”!  This fascinating little book took me on a journey for life.  Then some years later — as a young lady in High School, the Principle came asking — “ROSE, will you read the daily Bible devotional over the school intercom for us?  This was when prayer and God were still prominent in schools!

The Bible devotional took me on The Eternal Big Journey!  I read over the school intercom about a man called LORD God, a Shepherd in Psalms 23 Who sees to it I have all I need!  He went on a journey with His Son Jesus, serving people following Him?  This was so strange to me!  I read Jesus, many times was caught in crowds, dangerous circumstances — slowing up His journey!

One time Jesus was in a garden — crying out, asking God His Father to let a cup pass from Him?  Some Roman soldiers arrested Him, taking Him away from the garden!  When He was found by His mother, Mary — He had agreed to be nailed to a Cross for 3 days dying for all people, saving them!  His mother and 2 other Mary’s, and a man named John sat at the foot of that Cross, watching Him bleeding, suffering, dying!  Then Jesus was buried in a borrowed rock tomb. 3 days later, His mother went to the tomb — He was gone?  Roman soldiers had fits!  How? A boulder placed across the front of that tomb no man could move, was moved?

One day, years later I learned that I have a spirit!  Jesus wanted me to know Him in my heart (spirit), mind, life — follow Him so He could care for me forever.  Beloved, Jesus is the same for you!  Jesus is His Father God’s Heart!  He is KING of kings — LORD of lords —  Who suffered for the least slave!  He is The KING who sacrificed Himself for me — for you — for the world.  He is the Son of God — of Man, who came serving, giving His life as payment for you!  Jesus says in The Bible — “As I am, so are you in this world” (1 John 4:17).  Now, God wants you to know His Spirit wildly, richly alive fused into your spirit — know yourself richly alive in Him — His Spirit!

In Jesus’ Name,
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Your Love Letter From Rose – God’s Healing Manifests

Today’s Scripture

“He sent His Word, and healed them,
and delivered them from their destructions”

(Psalms 107:20)

God’s Healing Manifests 

Dear One,

     How does God heal, deliver? — Through His Word — His Holy Spirit (fused in your spirit).  Scripture says — “This is real love — not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins” (1 John 4:10).  Your sins are gone — sickness, fear, defeat is gone!  How?  Through Jesus, His Word — by His Holy Spirit!  You confirm Him through your spirit speaking out loud the following confession!  Notice what happens inside you!  Yes, God’s Word works — He always brings His Word to pass.

Speak Psalms 107:20 saying —“He sent His Word, and healed them”!  Now, you say — “He sent His Word and healed me. I no longer can have _________________ (fill in the particular sickness or disease or circumstance).”

Did you sense something start to leap, jumping on the inside of you?  This “something” is God’s Spirit fused with your spirit being thrilled.  Your spirit leaps, knows God’s right path — just like Elizabeth’s spirit leaped in her womb when she saw Mary carrying baby Jesus in her womb.  Your natural mind thinking, your head may be saying — “This is so outrageous to grasp.”  Beloved — keep listening, keep hearing Jesus is alive, thrilled on the inside of your spirit!

Why?  Your “spirit-you” is One, fused forever with Almighty God’s Spirit — knows God’s Truth of your healing confession.  God’s healing knowledge comes first inside your spirit — not mental healing or physical healing as some medical science teaches.

God speaks first in your spirit — then your wise mind, renewed with His Word — speaks Him (He is His Word)!  God is Spirit — The Spirit!  God heals you through His Holy Spirit — in your spirit.  God never heals you through your mind — because He is not a mind.  He never heals you first through your body — because He is not a man.  God, His Holy Spirit — contacts your spirit, heals you through your spirit — with His Holy Spirit.  Your un-informed, mis-informed head (your mind) has trouble understanding some things!  Your spirit, fused by God’s Spirit is informed, thrilled.  God’s healing manifests through His Word He gives you — through His Holy Spirit (in your spirit).

In Jesus’ Name,
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Your Love Letter From Rose – Informed….Transformed Talk


Today’s Scripture

“Blessed is the man that does not walk
in the counsel of the ungodly”

(Psalms 1:1)

“Be not conformed to this world:
but you be transformed
by the renewing of your mind”

(Romans 12:2)

Informed….Transformed Talk  

Dear One,

God’s Word says — “Blessed is the man that never walks in the counsel of the ungodly (without God)!”  He is saying never to conform to (be like) those who don’t know Him!  Romans 12:2 talks about you being informed, transformed!  You and I are told to never think, talk, act in ungodly (without God) ways!  As you keep informed by God’s Word — you are transformed!  You understand you have the wise mind of Jesus, by Jesus!  In His forgiving Love-Grace, His Word — your thinking, talk lines into agreement with Jesus alive, living in your spirit — with His Love-Grace.  Then your talk, believing (actions) line up with God.

World mind thinking, talking without God, pours out slime programmed negatives. Bad news world reports — deadly medical ads — cursing language movies — sleeze magazines — negative world talk goes on all over, on and on!  Everywhere is “dam” this and “hate” that?  Many people un-informed, mis-informed — think fear, talk fear agreeing with the enemy — talking sickness, doubt, worry, despair, lack, sorrow, grief, depression, anger, hate, bitterness, failure, war, destruction, un-forgiveness — all defeat, death.

All because, without God — thinking, talk is programmed, collapses in talking “death” instead of thinking, speaking God’s Love-Grace — “Life”.  As you listen to what people say, you hear — “That scares me to death.”  “I hurt till I thought I’d die.”  “My back, my feet are just killing me.”  “I swear, you’ll be the death of me.”  “I was so mad I nearly choked to death.”

Beloved — “This is real love — not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.” “Because I first loved you, you love Me” (1 John 4:10, 19).  Jesus came!  Jesus wildly loves you, took away all your sins, sickness, all forever gone, forever forgiven!  Gave you His wise mind!  Healing Jesus forever is alive, lives in your spirit!

The LORD lovingly, powerfully says — “The tongue of the wise is health” (Proverbs 12:18).  Are you speaking death words on yourself — on your loved ones?  Stop!  I know you are ready for God’s Love-Grace Word to completely inform you, transform your life, talk — increase your life in Love, Joy, Peace!  Take big wide steps today — focus on Who Jesus is — off self!  Increase Jesus, talk Love, a healthy life — no more sickness!  God’s rich Life, Joy, Love-Grace, Forgiveness — came with Jesus!  Stay rightly informed — amazingly transformed.

Blessings Flowing
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Your Love Letter From Rose – Sure Steps

Today’s Scripture

“A man’s mind plans his way, but the LORD
directs his steps and makes them sure”

                    (Proverbs 16:9)


Sure Steps  

Dear One,

When I was a child, I had dreams of the future.  I dreamed of being a cow-girl, an actress, “Wonder Woman”, a basket ball player, a super hero, a majorette in a parade, and I dreamed of being a concert pianist, a singer, a writer, a doctor and a teacher.  I dreamed of blessing, helping people who were hurting!  But most of the time, people who dream end up just having wishful thinking.

Often, we grow out of dreams as we grow older.  Dream playing and having dreams as a child is great — but as we grow up, we start learning the difference between deep God-given dreams and wishful thinking.

As a little girl, I grew up in the Eastern Kentucky Appalachian mountains and on my families thoroughbred horse farms in the Bluegrass — loving and riding horses!  I dreamed of being a jockey and racing, riding in the Kentucky Derby.  Since I was way too tall and way too heavy this childhood dream was especially an unlikely fantasy dream!  But, with God, I know you have dreams and desires placed inside you by our amazing Creator God of the Universes.  In fact, the Latin word for “desire” means “from the Father.”

A dream or a desire that is really from God just never eases out of your heart!  You may have had a desire in your heart for years.  Consequently, you might have even attempted to let that desire go — but the desire just keeps holding on to you.

Today, I encourage you — search your heart — today allow any God–given dreams in your heart to rise up in you — to surface to the front.  Almighty Father God places His desires in you for His purposes — and He plans to use every desire to direct you in the very destiny He has for you!

Your mind can plan your ways — but the LORD directs your sure steps — and He makes sure your steps are in His way of plans —  

In Jesus’ Name,
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Notes On Champion Living – Satan Stays Defeated

Satan Stays Defeated

“Great Faith and Love always
keep winning to every victory”

(1 John 5:4)

     Great Wild Faith, Great Love always keep winning to every victory!  The LORD Jesus at the Cross forever, completely defeated Satan.  Stop magnifying Satan, giving him credit.  Magnify Jesus!  Focus on your miracle wonder-working Almighty God Who richly lives in your spirit, has won every battle for you.  Now you “see” with your spiritual eyes of your heart, with your natural eyes — God’s amazing victories He has given you to have — and to give!

The devil tries to blast you with condemnations, threats, un-forgiveness, temptations, tests, trials — fake power, real pressures. Satan first offers you “Fear Party Invitations”, to be bitter, un-forgiving, to look away from God!  Again, God has already won every battle!  Never foolishly ‘fight’ Satan — an already defeated enemy!  Simply say —

    1.   “Yes LORD, I rest (trusting) in Your Love, snugly wrapped up in Jesus alive, richly living in my spirit!  I “see” Your Love-Grace, Your powerful Word, Your forgiveness coming from You through my heart, out of my mouth! I praise You for living in me! Thank You for giving me all Your Word promised” (Romans 4:21; Hebrews 10:23)

2.   “Yes LORD, circumstances may seem impossible.  Still I sit strong, firm, resting, impossible to move from my Jesus!  Your Great forgiving Love-Grace is wild, alive in my spirit!  Jesus forever loves me!  I praise You God, You have already won every battle for me in Your Power” 

Beloved, daily keep giving Almighty God praise for Jesus!  Keep rising up in His Glory to Glory right in the face of every “Fear Invitation” from hells demons — before any obstacle goes.  Keep sowing, keep giving God praise for Who He is in your spirit!  All riches He promised you are in Jesus, His Love, His Word — exactly when you see no change in your circumstances. Yes —

   1.    God’s Wild Faith is alive in your spirit — God’s Great Love for you keeps winning to every victory (1 John 5:4)

2.    You know Who Christ is richly alive (read out loud God’s New Testament — continue to know who you are in Christ. Grace happened — Christ entered.  Where?  Christ in you, God’s hope of Glory  

Beloved — this is God’s richest, Wild Faith, alive in you — in operation!  Satan stays defeated — Almighty God is Victory!

In Jesus’ Name,

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