ROSE LIVES IN FULL AGREEMENT WITH FATHER GOD's LOVE and HIS GRACE (His favor)! All joy, love, grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, praise and salvation IS through Jesus! JESUS speaks throughout GOD'S WORD! ROSE understands she IS GOD'S Holy Woman and beloved child -- called and gifted as an anointed author, speaker, Grammy nominee -- concert pianist -- founder of the Mercy House / Rose Ministries -- co-working with Missionaries of Charity -- graduate of Leadership Kentucky and Rhema Bible Training Center. Please click on further menus for more information!

AUTHOR / TEACHER & CONCERT PIANIST: ROSE's books and piano instrumental music are best sellers! Her four books in her "Building You Up" series are on the first four books encouraging you in the Holy Spirit fruits, JOY, LOVE, PEACE and LONGSUFFERING! Go to the PRODUCTS menu to order today ROSE's exciting books and tapes.

Other book titles include:

"GOD's Cookin' and the Devil's Well Done"

"Love Is on The Throne and He's Not Nervous"!

"God's Blessings Come in Abundance"

"Your Bridegroom Comes"

"The Extravagant Love"

ORDER TODAY ROSE's dynamic piano instrumental CD project titled "Mercy's Voice" in cassette or CD

TELEVISION & RADIO: ROSE appears on Christian and secular television and radio programs across the U.S.A. and overseas ! She takes God's full direction and commission to minister the un-compromised love and Word of God 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The ministry outreach from RM operates on a world-wide scale through Christian and secular networks!

Because God is un-limited ... Rose co-works in His highest labors of love as un-limited!

MERCY HOUSE ... RM VICTORY Explosion Events: ROSE's ministry of Mercy House / RM began as a direct order from the Lord through encouragement and direction of Mother Teresa! Mother Teresa sent ROSE a letter saying, "Thank you for your love of Jesus" ... sending her to co-work with Missionaries of Charity in Jenkins, KY and around the world! Mother Teresa told ROSE, "You do the work!" Mother Teresa included, in a personal letter to ROSE, Isaiah 49:15-16 along with her beautiful personal drawing she had done! ROSE treasures this drawing and letter and she would like to share it with you. A copy is available and can be sent to you upon request of the beautiful drawing Mother Teresa included in her letter to ROSE.

ROSE daily receives praises and prayer requests for help and hope from RM VICTORY Explosion Events ... Mercy House ... direct calls ... mail ... e-mail ... website ... radio and television broadcasts ... world-wide. As you desire to co-work and become a Partner with ROSE and to reach out world-wide to give God glory ... visit the PRAYER & REFERRAL SIGN-UP page and begin your Partnership!

ROSE's schedule is constant! ROSE is committed to "Go ye into all the world, teaching the Good News Gospel of Jesus to all the nations." (Mark). Her commitment to the Lord keeps her on a fast moving pace filled with God's grace, love and compassion ... constantly giving His love -- teaching God's victorious Word 24/7 to the fullest!

A series of events include Carpenter’s Home Church of Lakeland -- Women’s Aglow of Lakeland and North Dakota -- TBN-nationwide -- INSP-world-wide -- TCT -- Rescue Atlanta Church -- Mt. Zion of Ft. Pierce -- Faith Fellowship of Vero -- goes alongside numerous Mercy House / RM outreaches

HUMOR & HEALING -- "A merry heart does good like a medicine" Proverbs 17:22: ROSE loves to laugh! She enjoys her life with God NOW, every day! She contagiously gives God’s love and healing Word with humor, in powerful testimonies from the Lord around the world! The joy of what Jesus does ... is doing ... and Who He is in her life and the many lives she ministers to brings you into joy and is for you today! ROSE's message is clear -- GOD'S MESSAGE – LOVE AND THE JOY OF THE LORD IN FATHER GOD FIRST!

Time and again God breaths His healing love into ROSE's heart, her mind and body! She knows all about the love of Father and she knows all about the diabolical schemes of Satan ... his total defeat ... and GOD's COMPLETE VICTORY NOW FOR HERSELF and FOR YOU!

You will be greatly surprised WHEN YOU find out who ROSE was from 1980 to 1991 ... before she began becoming GOD'S POWERFUL ROSE in 1992 ...

ROSE's testimony and journey WITH GOD is GOD's miracle! ROSE says, "God brought me out of full-time ministry and plopped me right down into HIS ETERNAL World-Wide Ministry". Pray with ROSE! Watch God move immediately in your life! Learn more about God's call on your life and how to answer His call by attending an RM VICTORY Explosion Event!

With ROSE, you are guaranteed to be blessed, amused and increased in the love and compassion of God! ROSE stays on "GO"! She knows "the joy of the Lord is her strength" ... she moves on God's high energy of His love, His Word and His request and commanded healing to "Go ye into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel to every creature (of the whole human race)" (Mark 16:15). ROSE's desires God's calling and vision and His calling and vision is hers!

She says of herself, “The Lord looked around the earth for the ridiculous to perform the miraculous so He gets the glory" (1 Corinthians 1:27) – and He found me!

ROSE's Eastern Kentucky Italian raisin’ alongside God's Word gives ROSE her hilarious and extraordinary, powerful, every day look at life! She carries you along with God's deep love for her and His deep love for you ... this combination makes ROSE His greatest blessing of love wherever He sends her.

GOD's presence is her presence -- the presence of the Lord Jesus! ROSE lives in a victorious testimony of joy and love for Father God, others and herself! When ROSE teaches, ministers and speaks about Jesus ... God's love and Word ... lives are changed through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit anointing!

If you want life changing ... healing ... hope ... joy abounding ... GOD's PRESENCE INCREASING ... Jesus love and changes in your life ... GIVE RM a call TODAY! ROSE looks forward to TALKING WITH YOU, PRAYING FOR YOU and SEEING YOU RISE HIGH above every circumstance in your life dragging you around and down! WRITE OR CALL TODAY!

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